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Postgraduate Research Grants
DISI - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

Prospective students

Dear Prospective Student,

In the Program section you will find the objectives of the program, its teaching modalities and the available specialisations.

General information about the University of Trento appears in the sections about the University and about the Department. They also present, respectively, general information about the University, and the research activitiy in Information and Communication Technology. The page Leisure describes extracurricular activities offered by the university - such as Facoltiadi and the University Sports Center - and by Trentino, a province whose natural beauty is known worldwide.

The admissions procedures and the research topics are found in the section Admissions.
The University Guild (Opera Universitaria) offers to internship students housing and food at a reduced price (see Accommodation and food). The University of Trento lives within a highly intercultural environment where foreign students are given support in all administrative procedures by the Welcome office .