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ICT Education @ DISI
Postgraduate Research Grants
DISI - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

About the Program

Educational goals & Research modalities

The Research Grant offers graduates the opportunity to gain high-level skills in Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications through hands-on experience. The research period can be spent within research projects undertaken in the ICT Department labs or in company labs.

This program is an important step for:

  • young graduates interested in pursuing a PhD at the ICT International Doctoral School
  • young graduates willing to work for top level companies of the ICT private sector


ICT Department offers two different types of Research Grants:

Research grant within the ICT Department

This type of grant usually lasts from 4 to 12 months and is carried out exclusively inside one of the ICT Department’s research groups. It allows students to become acquainted with the ICT Department and its faculty members and at the same time receive first-hand understanding of the research undertaken in the ICT field.

Research grant with a company

This type of grant usually lasts from 5 - 12 months and is split into two periods: a 2-3 month period of high-level training in the ICT Department, followed by 3-9 months with an organization operating within the ICT industry

The University of Trento does not award learning credits for research grants.

Research Topics

Research topics are specified every year in the call for applications.

Study grant details

All students that are accepted will receive a grant of a monthly payment of approximately 800 € gross (these grants are not subject to taxation, the students gets approximately the same amount). This grant also covers:

  • Discount travel expenses
  • Medical insurance (for non EU students)


Some cost reductions for accommodation and meals are also provided.

The grant can be less than 800 euro in case a company provides free of charge accommodation and food to students.


Research Grant in an ICT Department Lab

Scholars are assigned an academic tutor who supervises their activities . They must carry out research and study activities on a full-time basis inside one of the ICT Department’s research groups and laboratories.

Research Grant in a company Lab

Scholars are assigned two tutors: an academic tutor and an industrial tutor. Young graduates in the program must carry out research and study activities on a full-time basis.

Admission requirements

In order to be eligible for admission and the accompanying grant, the following are required:

  • To have obtained at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • To have studied Electronics, Computer Science or Telecommunications during a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs
  • To have high grades.
  • To be highly motivated.
  • To be fluent in written and spoken English.

Credits recognition

The University of Trento doesn't award any credit for postgraduate research grants.


Every year a main call for Admission is issued in November. The Grant is scheduled to begin in February 2007.

More calls for admissions can be issued during the year due to requests of research groups, research centers and private organizations.