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University of Trento

The University of Trento is placed in a location which has always been the connecting point between the Mediterranean world and Central Europe. It has always paid attention to joining forces and creating complementarities with Italian and foreign institutions and organizations. 
In little more than 40 years of history, the University has been characterized by the intense mobility of students and lecturers, aimed at a constant improvement of research and didactics. The international dimension can be considered one of the features through which the University of Trento can reach prominent positions in Italian university ranking.

15,000 students, 500 people between lecturers and researchers and 500 people in the non-academic staff: these numbers reflect the situation of a University able to offer an ideal study and research environment aiming at meeting the wishes of each person. In Trento everything is within reach: libraries, university canteens, laboratories, cultural activities and specialized services.

Students who decide to study at the University of Trento can enjoy the benefits of an area characterized by a high quality of life, a widespread welfare and a beautiful, natural environment where visitors can have a good time in every season. 

Facts and Figures

7  Faculties
22  Undergraduate courses
27  Master courses
            2  Five-year Master’s course
10  Masters
14  Departments
1  Excellency centres
13  Research centres
67  Laboratories

Departments and Centres

Economics and Management
Faculty of Law
Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
Information Engineering and Computer Science
Industrial Engineering
Psychology and Cognitive Science
Sociology and Social Research
CIBIO - Centre for Integrative Biology
CIMEC - Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences
SSI - School of International Studies