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ICT Education @ DISI
Postgraduate Research Grants
DISI - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

Short list 2006

  • Mohammad Shahjahan Farazi
  • Sheak Rashed Haider Noori
  • Krishnam Raju Jampani
  • Muhammad Imran Syed
  • Xiangliang Zhang
  • Maryna Repich
  • Wahyu Hidyat
  • Volha Kerhet
  • Mikalai Krapivin
  • Md. Shafiqul Amin
  • Appaya Devaraj Swaminathan
  • Asim Asim Aziz
  • Syed Muhammad Imran
  • Aliaksandr Lazouski
  • Aliaksandr Autayeu


Students in the list above will be contacted by University of Trento to be informed on further details on their arrival in Trento.