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ICT Education @ DISI
Postgraduate Research Grants
DISI - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

Call 2006

The University of Trento is ready to accept applications for 21 internship, to be taken up at their respective labs, in order to conduct research activity in various projects.

The period of internship is for a minimum of 4 months, with a possible up to 6 months following the evaluation of the candidate.

Department of Information and Communication Technology

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DIT) is one of the departments of the University of Trento which intends to incorporate skills in information and communication technology as well as provide a dynamic and qualified response to the ever-increasing demand of such skills on a local, national and international level.

DIT research programs and DIT program partners

Accepted students will work on one of the following research programs or partners


  • Classifications, ontologies, contextual ontologies, relational data bases
  • Knowledge management, classifications, contextual ontologies
  • Multilingual Corpora for Machine Translation
  • Stochastic local search development in autonomic communication systems
  • Security and digital trust, reputation techniques in autonomic systems
  • Analytical and simulative techniques for the evaluation of the use of directional antennas in WLAN/WMAN networks
  • Performance models (analytical and simulative) for content delivery over P2P networks
  • Clustering Hierarchies
  • Database relations
  • Distributed web content
  • Tropos project: protype tool for analyze and restructure dependency diagrams
  • Tropos project: protype tool for secure Tropos
  • Formal Ontology and Conceptual Modeling for Social Interactions
  • Distributed Systems and Agent-Oriented Computing for the UNICUIQUE SUUM project
  • Real Time software development for the UNICUIQUE SUUM project
  • Software Radio for UNICUIQUE SUUM project
  • Ad-hoc and Mesh Networks and Middleware
  • Embedded Systems & Pervasive Computing
  • Information and Network Security
  • Trust management and negotiation

Description of the Grants

The amount of the grant is 800 Euro per month.

The grant also covers: a) travel expenses , b) medical insurance.

Requirements for the Partecipation

In order to become a candidate for the grant, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Candidate must be at the last year of education of a program of at least 4 years (university level);
  2. Candidate must specialize in Electronics, Information and/or Telecommunication technology;
  3. Candidate must have the highest possible grades during the period of study (Diploma with Distinction);
  4. Candidate should apply for the grant if he/she intends to apply for the PhD program at the University of Trento;
  5. Candidate must be highly (self) motivated to do his/her best in order to achieve the best possible results during his/her internship period as well as the PhD program, if accepted;
  6. Candidate must possess excellent knowledge of English.

Submission of the Application

Applications must be done on-line in the webpage http://dit.unitn.it/education/inshipform.xml no later than 10th November 2005.

The application forms of the candidates will be evaluated by the Committee of DIT; candidates will be selected for the internship period at the University of Trento.

The selected candidates should apply for the PhD program at the University of Trento. The requirements for the application for the PhD and conditions of the competition can be found at the official site of the PhD program.


  1. October 3: publication of this call
  2. November 10: deadlines for submission
  3. November 30: list of accepted students
    The short list will be published on December 2.
  4. Period of stage: from the beginning of February, 2006

For any additional information or problems you can ask: internship@dit.unitn.it

Information Services

For any additional information and in particular regarding visas for entry in Italy you can ask:

University of Trento Welcome Office